New technologies are transforming how we use energy and share information.
Materials innovations lie at heart of these revolutionary devices, including LEDs, solar cells, RF chips, and high power transistors. Sonata provides the materials to enable these innovations. Our ultra high purity metalorganic products are used in chemical vapor deposition of GaN, InGaN. AlInGaP, GaAs and related materials.

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The most comprehensive Quality Assurance & SPC in our industry

Sonata’s products have exceptional quality that is built in, certified, and validated. Our customers tell us that we have the most consistent quality of any MO supplier.

The highest value Metalorganics available world-wide

Manufacturing power.  Our Partner,  Nata Optoelectronic Materials, has been in high-volume production for over a decade.

A Consistently Excellent Customer Service Experience

Sonata’s products include high purity alkyls and hardware to deliver those materials. Our technology is elegantly simple and effective.